PT Goldion Alumindo Utama

PT Goldion Alumindo Utama is one of the market leader in Aluminium Monobloc Can industry in Indonesia.

Aerosol Can PT Goldion Alumindo Utama

About Us

The company was established in 1982 in Jakarta – Indonesia, starting with a small line of machine and limited quantity of manpower. Years of hard work and determination with the strong belief that success comes only from overcoming many obstacles.

Coverage Area

From the start, PT Goldion Alumindo Utama has set up its target market not only for local but also International market. Therefore we always keep our eyes opened to global demand and International standards.

Our Products

PT Goldion Alumindo Utama produce Aluminum Cans that are mainly used for: deodorant, hair spray, styling foam, air fresheners, medicine, pencil case, dry food packaging, etc.

Our Factory Goldion

Our Focus on Quality

With an effort to maintain our success discipline and competitive edge, we always believe that customer satisfaction is our top priority. With this principle, we aim to become the market leader in Monobloc Can industry in the Asian region in the coming term.